A Metal Free Mouth

Amalgam FillingIs Yours to Choose!

The esthetic result is beyond compare: your teeth will look as fresh, white, and natural as when they first grew in.

Chewing puts incredible stresses on teeth. That’s why, in the past, filling cavities and restoring damaged teeth involved a tradeoff—usually between strength and good looks. You don’t have to be a dentist to know that gold or silver is not a natural component of teeth.

Today, you have a choice of metal free restoration options. The most dramatic is composite, or “white” fillings. They’re a mixture of resin and finely ground glasslike particles that are as strong if not stronger than amalgam (you know it as “silver”). We can now use these new composites virtually everywhere, from repairing a minor defect to restoring a decayed tooth.

Amalgam will continue to be an option, as it has been for more than a century. It’s durable, easy to use, and a cost-effective way of filling cavities. However, “silver” it is not. Dental amalgam is typically mercury mixed with tin, copper, silver and a trace of zinc. It’s not natural in appearance and, frankly, mercury isn’t something most of us would prefer in our bodies “24/7”. But it’s a better way to go than tooth extraction and, ultimately, dentures.

When you make an appointment we’ll be glad to discuss the exciting new options you can choose from today.

About Binu Thomas, DDS

As the head of a boutique, patient focused practice in the heart of Orangevale, Dr. Binu Thomas has been practicing general dentistry for over 20 years. He graduated in the top of his class at dental school, and took advanced training in preventative pediatric dentistry. Over the years, he has trained under some of the best known cosmetic dentists in the nation. He has further advanced his skills and knowledge in endodontics (root canal), cosmetic dentistry, and oral surgery. His efficient, attentive services lead patients to feel well cared-for, no matter their dental needs. His professional team will show you the respect and attention you deserve from the moment you schedule your first appointment. Dr. Thomas has been married for over 20 years to his beautiful wife Aveena, and they have two wonderful children, Joshua and Ariyana. Dr. Thomas is very involved in his community and helps out at the local church, food closet and more.

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